The Ultimate Guide to buying a Compact Circular

The Ultimate Guide to buying a Compact Circular Saw

The most important thing you need while doing some project is to get yourself the most appropriate equipment for that job. Whether you are making a sketch or cutting metals and plastics to make things from it, you need to be well-equipped.

What does the market have to offer?

The market is currently very competitive and it is very difficult, rather impossible for someone to point the very best out of all of them. One might be better than the other considering a specific attribute but overall, it is very difficult. However, we have made a list of what we think are the very best circular saws you can rely on.

1. Hychika Compact Circular Saw

This compact circular saw is a versatile tool with an ergonomic design that comes with three blades, and different blades for different materials. It goes off at a speed of 4500RPM thanks to a 4Amp Powerful Motor. Plus, the laser guide to keeping the cuts straight and the adjustable cutting depth make the cutting way easier than with other tools. It has been designed to reduce fatigue, the long power cord that provides motility, the dust collection adapter to make the working environment clean, the safety switch, and the power indicator make it an all-around best. It is very quiet and is very easy to carry around due to its lightweight and the carrying case that comes with it. It comes at a very reasonable price which makes a good deal for both professionals and pro-DIYers.

2. Genesis GCS445SE Compact Circular Saw

Genesis is the best option if you are on a very low budget.  It comes with a 4 Amp Motor that gets the saws up to 3500RPM of speed. It will get to straight and accurate cuts due to carbide-tipped blades and the barrel grip is specially designed for a one-hand grip, so you do not have to spend too much energy and experience minimum fatigue.

It is very easy and safe to change blades while doing your work, thanks to the spindle. Plus, the bevel control and gauge lever are right at your fingertips. Also, it comes with a vacuum adapter to clean your workspace side-by-side.

However, it is only suitable for straight cuts and is more inclined toward woodwork.

3. Worx Worxsaw WX429L

If you are looking for an extremely compact saw, the Worxsaw might just do the trick for you. Weighing a mere 4.4 pounds, the Worxsaw WX429L goes up to 3500 RPM of speed. It can cut through wood, plastic, and tiles easily. However, it is not very optimized for metals, but it works. As it is small and lightweight, it is very mobile and causes less fatigue. The thinner blades also reduce stress and allow the saw to work for longer hours. The visibility is also great thanks to left-sided blade optimization. The cutting-edge technology makes it the most coveted circular saws on the market.

But bear in mind, the light weight comes at a cost and is the very reason it may not be powerful enough for certain use cases.

4. TECCPO Mini Circular Saw

This Mini Circular Saw contains a bigger motor of 4.8 Amp and a speed of 3700 RPMs. This saw is equipped with all the safety measures such as the safety buttons plus a heavy gauge iron wrap-around the base. It also has a laser guide to make straight cuts, adjustable cutting depth, and a very ergonomic design to keep the stress at bay.

However, it is heavier than most circular saws due to the iron base. Plus, it is not the most user-friendly you are likely to find on the market. For instance, the blade switching can be very confusing, and the visibility is very less. Although you can expect the saw to cut through most materials easily that is why it is a popular choice.

5. Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

The Rockwell Compact Circular Saw will offer you the maneuverability that you wish you had with regular, full-sized saws. A rear motor that balances the weight, adjustable cutting depth, an easy-to-access bevel adjustment lever, and great visibility while doing the work at a speed of 3500 RPM is what you need in a mini circular saw.

However, the arbor can be an issue for some people. Plus, it is built keeping in mind only right-handed people. So, if you are left-handed, you might want to consider other options.

In the nutshell…

Considering all the fields, Hychika Compact Circular Saw is more than capable to cater the needs of most customers. It is very difficult to point out the very best mini circular saw among the immense variety in stores. All of them have a specific domain that they are good at and Hychika is also not the best in all domains but it is certainly an all-around saw with the best value.

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